Concoy is a turn-based educational game aimed at stimulating students in the fields of collaboration and strategic planning. A game is played by up to 4 players, each in control of a truck on a randomly generated map. All players need to reach the finish for the game to end. On their way they encounter obstacles such as rivers, bridges and other traffic. They can also encounter pickups which may contain points or powerups. Players are penalized for driving into buildings, water, grass, traffic and each-other. As they plan their way towards the finish, they must collaborate to make it to the finish as soon as possible with as few penalties as possible because this results in a higher end score! - Thom de Moor

My contribution was concepting together with the designer in the start up phase to get to the look and feel the client disered. Afterwards I created the UI and kept updating details of features requested. This was also the first professional project where I prepared all the UI elements in Unity Canvas(comparable to front end webdesign) so the programmer could focus on UI functionality instead of visuals. After getting to a viable prototype I also playtested the game untill delivery to keep on improving it.