"Family secrets is a game commisioned by the Iris platform (formerly Careyn, Thebe, Surplus). The game target the elderly to get more social contact and to move more. In game is located in Breda. The game is originally developed in the NHTV Gamelab. Atlantis Games improved the game and deepened and broadened the story.

In the game, the player goes on a search to find the missing Arthur van Dijk, that disappeared 30 years ago without any clue as to why. The player talks multiple characters to find out more about them and their link to Arthur. By asking the right questions, the player can unravel the mystery and find out more about the secrets of family van Dijk.

And maybe even find the missing Arthur..."

During my service at Atlantis Games I remade large parts of the game together with designer Remco van Hout en programmer Thom de Moor. Unfortunately, we could only work on the game when in downtime. Therefor all effort on the UI was incidental and with a focus on the biggest issue first. Instead of just re-creating it. All characters have been retouched in Zbrush en have been exported to Maya in order to create a more efficient pipeline when creating (pre-rendered) content later on. I used Maya to rig, texture and light all the video's. Alle characters are sculpted by the NHTV team except for Mark, Laura and Diny, which are also sculpted by me.