The flamingo and butterfly are modeled, textured, rigged by myself with VFX context in mind. Both creatures have a complete rig that allow the animators to use certain features that will speed up the animation process. For viewing purposes both models have been posed in one shot.

The flamingo has a MEL UI that connects handy script such as select all, key all, replace with proxy and the mirroring of legs and wings. Especially the head has features that allow cartoony animations such as movable eyes, extreme pupil flexibility, exaggerated tongue movement and stretching neck.

The butterfly has a rig that is simpler, but can be used to efficiently create quick butterfly animation when used with paths. A translucency texture is created to simulate the sunlight passing through the thin butterfly wings.

Below the Rigging showcase flamingo video (music by Future Islands - Tin Man).

Press the play button below to watch the Sketchfab model rendering.